About Us
The owners of Point Manor have been in service of the public for over 33 years. Our business, staff, community, and friends tell our story best. Just ask your friends in the medical and care giving field about us. We will stand on our reputation.
It is our goal to promote the best quality of life for our clients, maximize capabilities, and achieve the highest levels of a client’s cognitive and physical functioning.
Mission Statement
Lord, many are called to serve the elderly. Regardless of faith, color, or creed let us serve them as we would like to be served ourselves. Let us in this facility of ours provide a place of peace, safety, and careful environment. Be with our residents, our staff, and those who serve our residents from outside agencies. Please be with me and my family to build, establish, and maintain the best Senior Care Facilities to the best of our abilities. “Dewey Stillwagon”